Casino Royale

Gourmet(Cheese (any 2), Chicken (any 2), Mutton (any 2), Veggie (any 2) )

Thai Fantasy

Around The World(Bacon, Chicken(BBQ+sheekh+tikka), Corn, Mutton Keema & Red onion with xtra cheese)

Jamaican Jerk

Around The World(Choose (any 5) Chicken toppings with 2 veggies & xtra cheese)

Indian Rhapsody

Around The World(Chicken(salami+sausage+sheekh+tandoori+tikka), Green pepper & Red onion with makhani sauce)

7 Wonders

Gourmet(Choose any 6 Un-Veg. Toppings with 2 Veggies & Xtra Cheese)

3 Gun Salute

Most Wanted (Chicken (BBQ+Hot & Spicy+smoked), Green Chilli & Red Onion)

Texas BBQ

Most Wanted (BBQ Chicken, Green Pepper, Red Onion, Smoked Chicken & Spicy Chicken)

Punjabi Mail

Most Wanted (Chicken (Keema+Sheekh+Tikka), Red Onion, Tomato& Xtra Cheese)

Kenyan Safari

Exotica(Baby corn, bell pepper, chicken(BBQ+hot & spicy+peri peri+tandoori+tikka), Mutton keema, Red onion with xtra cheese)

Italian Xtravaganza

Exotica(Asparagus, bacon, chicken(frankfurter+ham+salami+sausage+smoked),eggplant, green chilli & xtra cheese)

Aloha Special

Exotica(Baby corn, Broccoli, Chicken(BBQ+Ham+Sausage), Mutton(keema+sheekh+tikka), pineapple with xtra cheese)

African Safari

Around The World (Chicken(Ham+Hot & Spicy+Salami+Sausage+Smoked), Green Chilli & Tomato with xtra Cheese)


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